Mainland home - Triple Moons )O(

Miss Colleen and my Mainland Home
I finally found a Protected Waterway Navigable mainland parcel that was not equivalent to selling my soul to some land owner or person with an over inflated opinion of what virtual land is worth. It was actually a steal considering the cost of similar parcels in the area. Not to mention most of the Region is owned by Linden labs its fairly empty of ugly builds. Mind you I have had to de-render a full bright beacon someone in an adjoining parcel has made. Guess he/she thinks he/she is living in the Norwegian alps or something similar.

The home is still very much a work in progress at the moment since I did purchase 2 parcels to maximize the group land bonus within the monthly tier I was prepared to pay.

Added bonus is I can leave the NymphKitten rezzed all the time and go sailing any time I like.


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