My SL home - Triple Moons )O(

After several years of using my LL home simply as a place to park myself, CTS Wardrobe and in-world archives/backup boxes. I decided to make it feel more homely for when Miss Colleen and I spend time there and not at our main home.

It now has a more subtle sky setting that compliments the pagan feel with newly added decor features such as Grimoire Table, Divination Table, Alchemy Table, Crystal Ball Book Stack, Enchanted Bookshelf, Ancient Book Pedestal, Candelabra, Dreaming Tree, Carpi Lounge and Sarafina Rug. The perfect home for any Druid or Wiccan.

Oh and lets not forget the most important item, a copy of my TIS Hybrid Dance Machine.... There is always time in SL for single and couples dancing.

All protected by my trusty "Triple Moons )O( Security Server" that keeps intruders well and truly ejected from the parcel with very little notice.

Embracing The Darkness

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