Purrs Like A Kitten: Part 1

As I sit here looking at the blank page of this blog I have started.
I have to wonder why have I started it?
What made me even look into creating a blog?
Were do I see this blog in a years time?

The Early Years: 2008 - 2010

My pixel birth was conceived around a University class discussion. Could we use this thing called Second life as a virtual modelling platform to represent scale working models of the solar system. A bit of lobbying here and there to the right people and we sold the idea to obtain funding for 8 private educational regions for an initial period of 12 months. That gave us 8 working project teams.

When asked for volunteers to help manage the regions, I stuck my hand up without thinking. If only I new then that I was to be the one and only, I may have not been so excited to quickly raise my hand. Yet I was the resident nerd chick out to impress the department head with my Neko hair band and dorky glasses which at the time were trendy. YES, I have worn cat ear hair bands in my hair since a teenager, even now I continue to wear them at appropriate times. Maybe I should not have been so quick to volunteer, waited and suggestively asked for additional credits with a puzzled look on my face "well sir, guess if no-one else wants to do it, I will do it". 

I quickly became known as the "goddess of the regions". Made me giggle when I found out both faculty and students had given me that title, it did fit with my strong belief and active role in paganism. I did get get a extra marks which was a great help later when I was about to commence my masters.

Another advantage was I had way more freedom than most. I could wander the grid whenever I felt like wandering, always a good then when you have an inquisitive mind. In my wanderings I discovered a vast world of user created content from the most basic builds to fairly complex role playing communities. Some intrigued me, others disturbed me, even some repulsed me. I wondered why people actually wanted to role play certain situations and scenarios.

I soon began to role play myself in my free time, it wasnt hard to find alternate interests including experimentation with my awaking RL sexuality. Since I just broken off my relationship with my boy friend over this awaking. I decided to role play in some of the more risky places on the grid. Presenting myself as a helpless bimbo..... me giggles.... I quickly learnt that every RP situation always lead to pixel sex with very little romance.

"What the hell" I figured, just go with it expecting to at least be stimulated with some intelligent and witty lines of emoting. Little did I know that most were more interested in God Mode followed by the click, click, clicking of virtual attachments than actual responsive role play that required intelligent and creative brain power. Then there was the constant pleading in IM to break from the RP and voice instead. After awhile of resisting I did a few times. Generally it was nothing more than some guy or girl wanting to partake in phone sex and listen to me..... well you know so they could get off on themselves. I thought to myself I would be working for a 1900 number, at least that would help pay for text books. After a few encounters in the hope I would at least meet someone with a brain for emoting, I gave up.

I then started to look at female only venues, maybe I would have more luck with same sex only places. How wrong was I to think that! I was quickly awakened to the fact that there are a lot of guys with female avatars that hang out at female only venues. I even challenged a few on this, to my surprise most admitted it and simply said its just role play. Its no different to someone who has a furry avatar. It did take me time to come around, however after a lot of thought process on it, I had to agree. Even LL advertise SL as an alternate life were you can do and be what you want to be. So who was I to argue, its not like the role play hurt me. In-fact some of it was funnier. more imaginative than I expected it could be, especially when they would says thinks that clearly flagged the "its a boy radar".

Long story short, my role playing faded as I moved onto other things. Eventually the University pulled the funding for the regions, some bright spark bean counter at LL decided they would make more money getting rid of educational discounts on full private regions. At this stage I was just Lilith Lupindo and had not even considered using a Neko persona in SL. That sums up my introduction to SL. My next post I will bring you up to speed to the time before I meet Miss Colleen.


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