Bento Riding Horse By Water Horse

Looks like I timed the starting of my Blog at the right time. In the middle of 2016 I did a walkabout, wandering away from a live music venue. To my surprised I discovered 11 sims of beautiful park lands, correct that it was more like walking into a National park. At the time I briefly looked into ridable horses and came across a Youtube promo by Water Horse of a new Bento project horse. Recently I started discussing with my partner the idea of purchasing horses so we could go exploring. I started to snoop around and see if there was any new updates on the Youtube channel. Finally after months of no news a review showed up in my face book feed by strawberrysingh.

Yay, finally there was news on the bento attachable horse. It comes with 2 HUD's, one for customisation and the other for some cool animations. There are 2 versions, the first is a Warmblood with English saddle and the second is a Quarter Horse with Western saddle. I know which one I will be purchasing and customising it colour to be as close as possible to my RL horse.

Released today they sell for $3889L, if you wear the group tag you get a 10% discount. Head down to Water Horse. If you want both you buy the 2nd one using the current owners special discount vendors.
Texture kits can be purchased from 3rd party vendor's at the SIM or on the SLMP from The Texture Barn or Appy Bottoms then enter bento in the keywords box to limit what you see.

Check out strawberrysingh's Youtube review below.

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